Is there a subliminal message in WAAPR?

I wonder if a book titled “WAR AGAINST ALL PUERTO RICANS” that is aimed at the U. S. market amidst a xenophobic campaign, carries with it a sort of subliminal message.

Maybe that likely subliminal message explains the book’s extraordinary success in the metropolis. Its success here in Puerto Rico, despite its numerous fallacies, is due to the joy that such a title brings to those who see its large uppercase white letters against a red background from another perspective: that of a colonized people who, for that very reason, behave the way they do.

One may wonder, on the other hand, how a book titled WAR AGAINST ALL JEWS, with large, uppercase white letters against a red background, full with lies and illustrated with the inert bodies of Jews that have bled to death would be received.

And following that line of questioning, how would Black people in the U. S. react to a book with a cover designed the same way and also with defamatory lies, but titled “WAR AGAINST ALL AFROAMERICANS” and illustrated with the corpses of Black people laying around? Would they praise it before a monument erected in memory of Paul Robeson, Martin Luther King, or Malcolm X?

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