The opinion of the U. S. Supreme Court in Braverman v. United States (317 U. S. 49) had legal and historical significance as well as direct impact on the life of revolutionary leader Pedro Albizu-Campos and his life-long struggle for independence.

It is repeatedly mentioned in official correspondence by J. Edgar Hoover and many of his agents in Albizu’s FBI file, which Nelson Denis, author of a notorious book about Puerto Rico’s recent political history, insists is one of his main sources.

However, even though he is a graduate of Yale Law School and is known as a New York politician, Denis apparently failed to realize its important legal, political, and historical implications, for he does not mention it at all in his book or during his media tours.

See my discussion of this case and its significant implications in Albizu: Su persecución por el FBI.


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Here is Braverman vs. U.S

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